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Slackers Ninjaline

The Slackers Ninjaline programme is going from strength to strength

following our pilot at Redwoodtown School. Andy (our facilitator) has now

delivered the programme with 4 new entrant classes at 4 schools across

our region.

Here’s what kaiako (teachers) have had to say:
How did this program make a positive difference?“The children looked

forward to the program each week. They were talking with each other

about using courage, being brave and taking turns. I noticed a difference

in gross motor skills and for one child in particular his ability to move and

down the steps and sit comfortably at the table during learning time.”

Would you recommend this program for other schools? “Absolutely! It was awesome and Andy was incredible!”

If you would like this programme for your junior class next year contact Andy -

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Rural drama benefits from funds boost

We're stoked to be one of five community organisations selected by forestry company OneFortyOne to receive one of their community grants! This funding will allow us to deliver drama workshops in six rural Marlborough communities so that students can learn new skills in a positive way and build resilience.

Reported by Paula Hulburt, Marlborough Media.

Sowing into rural education opportunities

We have also been sharing about the impact of our Alternative Education and Adult

& Community Education programmes. This mahi is all about supporting locals to learn and develop through creative and individualised opportunities.

Reported by Sharon Fowler, Daily Encourager.


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